Ton konijn



  • Fry sustainably
  • Scores high on taste, heat resistance, and baking aroma
  • No palm oil or GMO soya oil
  • Lasts longer due to the High Oleic Sunflower Oil composition
  • Available in 15 liter cans

Jersey Fleur de Sel

  • Made from 100% pure-bred Jersey cow milk
  • Rich in flavor and packed with vitamins
  • Deliciously creamy
  • Special yellow color due to island of Jersey’s climate
  • Available in rolls of 250 grams

Clooster Cheese

  • Aged for 10 months
  • Owes its color to the added carrot and beet juice
  • Little moisture in the cheese due to less brine
  • Delicious on a sandwich or just out of the hand
  • Available in pieces of +/- 2.8 kg.

Olive Oil Arbequina

  • Light, mild and fruity aroma
  • Has the label Certified Denomination of Origin
  • Harvested olives are processed within 24 hours
  • Delicious as a dressing or when preparing fish or vegetable dishes
  • Available in box 3 l, bottle 750 ml. or bottle of 250 ml.


  • Rapeseed oil with the aroma and taste of fresh butter
  • Vegan product
  • Suitable for baking, roasting, and as a base for sauce
  • Rich in omega-3 fatty acids
  • Available as 10 liter cans or 0.75 liter bottles